Wellness or Hellness: Coincidence? The Gym is a Germ Infested Haven and 72% of Men won’t Shower Daily



Are you part of the statistics? Axe says that 72% of men admitted not showering every day. This is why their antiperspirants are a hit. Men can go to the gym smelling fresh but feeling sticky inside? That surely contributes to the filthiness of the gym but that’s not all.

The culprits and the conditions they cause

Most gyms are well maintained and sanitized but there are elements that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The fact that you are there to sweat it out alone already attracts micro-organisms. The alarming thing is, they can be harmful.

Infectious bacteria that strive in the gym are:

 gram-positive cocci foot borne illnesses, eyes, skin, ears infections
 gram-negative  urinary tract infections
 gram-positive  rods  blood, respiratory infections
 Bacillus—bacteria strains  pneumonia, meningitis, musculoskeletal infections
 norovirus  vomiting, dhiarhea
 fungi  athlete’s foot 
 microbes antibiotic resistant infectious disease
 rhinovirus common colds
 MRSA, strep, organisms  stomach flu, hepatitis A

Protect yourself from the culprits

There’s no point being paranoid every time you pickup or use a workout tool or equipment. Protection is still the best cure. So, consider everything filthy. This is likely the case because once bacteria and viruses are found in one corner – they can spread easily towards the whole facility. You are in the right place to get some helpful tips.

Gym best practices:

  1. Wipe machines and seats carefully with disinfectant before and after your stint.
  2. Do not go bare foot in the locker room and shower. Wear slippers.
  3. No sitting on the unclothed bench.
  4. Stretch not directly on the floor, use own mat and no sharing.
  5. Clean the mat after each use with a bleach-based wipe or alcohol based disinfectant spray and let it dry on air.
  6. Use vinyl or plastic gym bags. Germs and bacteria cannot survive there.
  7. Separate use clothes and sneakers and seal in individual plastic bags after the workout.
  8. Do not shave at the gym.

Hygienic habits you can do additionally at the gym:

  1. Use own towel
  2. Be ready with a spare towel if showering at the gym with anti-microbial bath soap.
  3. Choose a wide-mouthed bottle for your drinking water with a screw cap.
  4. Wash water bottle daily and store it in the refrigerator.
    Bring with you an antibacterial gel and make it handy for your hands before and after workout.
  5. Wash hands before and after the workout.
  6. Wear goggles and a swim cap plus earplugs while swimming in the gym’s pool.
  7. Refrain from swimming if Chlorine smell is too strong because it indicates a dirtier the pool.

What you can do at home to get rid of germs:

  1. Do not delay to shower upon home arrival.
  2. Never hang out in your sweaty fitness attire.
  3. Blow-dry feet to insure it’s moisture-free.
  4. Bandage cuts or any skin opening before going to the gym.
  5. Disinfect your gym bag in the inner and outer parts upon reaching home.
  6. Use hot water and a bleach or peroxide-based detergent and then put the bag in the dryer for 45 minutes.
  7. Canvas or cloth tote must be washed weekly.
  8. Do not ignore skin irritations to be safe from MRSA infection.

That might look like a lot of things to do at first glance but if you incorporate those precautionary measures into your lifestyle, everything will just follow through naturally. Have a very healthy and sanitary gym day. Do not forget to shower! 

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