Wellness gone bad: Husband Got Even with Wife’s Gym Addiction – was it worth it?



The key to life’s happiness is in the “balance”. It’s easier said than done. Many people struggle to go through total lifestyle change. Health for sure is a priority. If this area deteriorates, the rest will be difficult if not a disaster. Exercise for one is good for as long as it is not excessive. Once it does, it is just another bad. Definitely, there’s no such thing as gym class heroes – it’s just the name of a band. It’s certainly not in the wellness vocabulary.

Gym Addict’s Justification

Nurse, Janice Utley of Florida learned it the hard way. In her blog, she confessed that she got too obsessed with exercise despite not being overweight. She never exceeds size 10 ever since young age. She was even bulimic at one point. Thus justifying that it’s better to move more than to keep on vomiting – that jeopardizes wellness.

Depression should not be Ignored 

One’s passion should be inspiring and not depressing. Depression can cause relationships to fail. Check yourself out. Prolonging your physical fitness training or not doing anything to stop being addicted to the gym is a sign that you are unhappy. Would you rather be exercising than have some quality time with loved ones? If the answer is yes, give it full attention. Address the problem right away. If escapism has manifests already which is described as a way of getting present, get psychological help. This is wise because the fear of getting out of shape comes back right after leaving the gym. You have no control over it, so talk to an expert. As you can see, gym memes exist representing bizarre attitudes towards excessive exercise.

Going back to Janice, she was resenting a romantic Italian dinner with her husband, Mark. It just killed the romance. She refused to eat pasta thinking that she won’t have enough time shedding them off – when she could just opt for fresh green salads without being so irritated, if it is just about sticking into her weight loss meal plans.

Escaping a bad Relationship

On the other hand, it is not admirable at all to have the drive to go to the gym twice a day. As a result, she passed out during a stroll with her children at the beach. She was hysterical when she did not know where they went upon waking up. She also skipped lunch that day to spend more time exercising. Where was Mark when this happened?

You should know that exercise is an anti-depressant as endorphins and serotonin hormones are released as you do the routine. If you are still depressed despite of it all, then this is a clear indication that you are overdoing it. If husband cared enough, he could have figured this out.

Signs of Gym Addiction

Here are indications if you are addicted to the gym:
1. can tolerate the urge of doing more exercise for the same goal
2. you are agitated, feeling fatigue often and restless when not exercising
3. often prolonged your routine than normal gym visits
4. cannot stick on the set exercise duration as well as intensity
5. does other physical activities on top of the usual fitness workouts
6. becomes anti-social, inefficient at work and a culprit in your relationships
7. ignores injuries just to exercise

The above are symptoms of overtraining syndrome on top of being insomniac, having headaches, not motivated in other things, no appetite and gets sick always due to a weak immune system. Taking an HRV or “heart rate variability: first thing in the morning can measure your ability to recover from prior workout or your fitness evolution so to speak.

On Janice’s case, it was too late before she realized that she was addicted to the gym. She ended up being divorced from Mark. However, her ego was still irked when the ex-husband boasted about his new size 6 “girlfriend”. That only showed Mark’s bitterness towards her gym addiction that caused their marriage to fail. He really did make sure to get a petite woman from the slimming world to spare him from another heart ache this time. That does not sound like a supportive spouse at all.

As per Janice, she has found a new lover who is also a gym buff who knows when to stop her. He got along well with her two children and stays with them through thick and thin. Mark gets visitation rights. Was it worth it?

Source: Dailymail