Using Words to Heal Your Body


Human beings are made up of trillions of cells. Each cell is imbued with intelligence that directs it. Your thoughts and words direct these cells on what to do. Basically, your cells are always listening, paying attention to what you think, do and say. Therefore, the words you speak can be very transformative. They can help you heal in miraculous ways. And once the path of healing has started, and you’ve began that journey, the capacity of healing your body through words is remarkable.

When I first learned of the power of words, and them being able to heal you, I was skeptical. I was also suffering from a severe mental issue after more than a decade on Heroin. Months after getting clean I was still struggling physically and mentally. The addiction had eaten me away from the inside out. One day I finally decided, it wouldn’t hurt if I started talking to myself in a healthy way. Self Love really is everything. And I thought to myself, “If my body can really hear me it needs to hear only good things.”

I started to use positive affirmations and would go into deep trance like meditative states. I would have conversations with myself to heal. The transformation has been amazing. I had no idea what to expect at the time and had no idea if it would work or not. But it has. Through inner talk I’ve managed to transform my body, mind and soul.

Healing Yourself With Self Talk

After weeks of deep introspective conversation with myself, things began to change. I noticed more mobility, better digestion and even began to start losing weight. At one time I weighed in at almost 280 pounds, now I am just over 200. Through the process of speaking to my inner mind, my body started to transform.

I would have weird fits of nearly paralytic responses in different parts of my body. My face went numb; my legs would tingle. Eventually however, the paralytic feelings would stop. My body started to release negative emotions and energy I had stored up for years and years.

As I continued on my inward journey other aspects of my health began to change. Anxiety I had been living with for years started to vanish. Sleep disorders dissolved as I started a deep recovery process. Even joint pains and mobility issues seemingly disappeared.

Using Words to Heal Your BodySomething powerful I realize is you must be in a very deep state of trance to speak to your body. Your conscious mind has to be at rest for the inner work to really take effect. It can take some practice to achieve deep states of meditation, but once you achieve them it’s easier to get back there. And what I really love about this process is for me, I only had to have a conversation with my inner self once every so often to see major changes take place in my life.

Can Inner Talk Help You Change?

Another piece of information I’d like to add is you can use this inner talk for behaviors issues as well. If you have addictions or compulsions you would like to change, talking to yourself while in deep meditation is a great way to start dissolving the behavior. I suggest you try speaking with yourself the next time you meditate. Wait until you are deeply in a meditative state then have an honest conversation with yourself. You’ll likely find some major issues can be resolved in a very simple and painless way.