How to Tone down that Butt with Knee-friendly Bed Exercises or Anywhere outside your Gym Membership Class?


Making it easy on your knees is not a problem. Lunges and squats might be very effective exercises for the butt but not all people can do that. The bed routines for the booty to shape up involve just laying your back on the bed with bent knees.

You just have to squeeze your glutes by engaging the core while lifting your hips. Then raising your feet alternately as your butt is lifted to be able to stimulate those muscles giving you that nice hump with regular stints. All these can be done without attending a gym membership class. Home exercises right at your own bedroom. Who wouldn’t want that?

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[VIDEO] Booty exercises for guys in bed? You must be joking but hey, watch this video and see how these knee-friendly routines are done despite having a lazy day. The good thing is, you can forget about making those trips to the wellness center. You might think it’s impossible especially when you have bad knees but getting some inspiration by watching the video will not hurt. Who knows, you might want to follow as you view them or take a pick on the following exercises!

Tush Squeeze while watching TV

Get some physical benefits while watching TV. Squeeze butt cheeks together then at ten seconds, hold the somewhat isometric contraction. Eight up to 12 repetitions will do for at least twice a day. You can also contract your butt as you walk by stepping forward with right foot, squeeze butt cheeks on the right after heels land on the ground. Relax as you lift your toe for another step. Do that evenly on the left side as well. Ho simple is that?

Laying Face up Bridge Mimic

The bridge exercise is a popular butt shaping exercise that addresses your glutes. Lying face up on the bed or floor with bent knees, position feet widely apart. Engage your abs then raise your hips while lifting the butt and the lower back. As your body got aligned with your knees to shoulders, it’s time to squeeze your buttocks for at least two seconds – then start again doing it repeatedly eight times. Review the video how this is done.

Lying on your side like a Clam shell

Lay on your side like a clam. Thighs must be at 90-degree angle from the torso – then knees are bent at 120 degrees. Feet at this point is positioned closely below the buttocks. Activate glutes by raising your top knee for 4 inches high but keep your feet on top of each other. This mimics the clam shell’s opening and closing manifestations thus the reason for the name. Buttock contraction is also prolonged for two seconds before beginning again. Eight counts is the minimum duration to up to 12 times before switching sides. Three sets a day is ideal. What about jumping on to these bed routines even before you get out of bed? That would eliminate your worries of not being able to exercise on a busy day because you have done it already, first thing in the morning. So, hurting knees? No more excuses with bed fitness evolution. Hurrah!

Source: Daveywavey