How To Find A Well-Paid Job If You’re A Baby Boomer


It’s bad enough when you find yourself unable to meet the budget, but when the only jobs you’re offered pay minimum wage, that adds insult to injury. 

minimum wage jobs in exchange for your decades of experience

I was well into my 50s when it became evident that I had to reinvent myself. That included financials. I had been a diligent wife, mother, and homemaker for many years and had only worked outside the home for brief periods.

I recall the dismay when the only employers that would interview me paid minimum wage. Even so, it made sense.

The skills of a homemaker were not in high demand. It didn’t matter that I had homeschooled for over twenty-five years, raised a herd of kids, and had been the coordinator and caregiver for children with birth defects and special needs.

My decades of volunteer work in churches, schools, with the elderly and at food pantries made no impact either– when it came to an hourly wage. So, I searched the internet to see what jobs someone like me could do. And I came across the following list:

Top Jobs for Seniors:

  • Uber driver partner
  • Caregiving
  • Customer service
  • Retail associate
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Manager
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Greeter
  • Scheduler
  • Dispatcher
  • Insurance underwriter

To check out job recommendations and availability in your area, click here.

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