Top 10 Survival Skills You Require to Know


Do you have survival skills that could save your life? In a worst case scenario, anyone could benefit from possessing certain must-have survival skills like how to build a signal fire, how to perform DIY first aid and how to find food and water. WatchMojo looks at the top 10 wilderness survival skills you should learn now to give you an idea of how to survive in the wild.

00: 57 #10: How to Attract Attention with a Signal Fire
02:02# 9: How to Maintain Up Your Dental Hygiene
03:10# 8: How to Tie a Bowline
04:13# 7: How to Find Your Style by Day or by Night( Without a Compass)
05:31# 6: How to Perform DIY First Aid
06:48# 5: How to Induce a Spear to Catch Animals/ Food
07:46# 4: How to Find Food
08:55# 3,# 2&# 1 ???

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