21 Forever Foods And A Few We Wish Would Too!


Christa Swartz of Prepsteaders.com demonstrates at least 21 Foods that can last up to a century or more without spoiling. If you have wondered what to stock your pantry with, this is where to start! Prepsteading starts with simple steps like learning about and storing up a bit of food that they are able last without necessitating refrigeration or extensive preservation techniques. Let us know what to add to this list if you are familiar with other foods that last forever.

* Since so many have asked: There seem to be a million differing opinions out there on Peanut Butter. It was mentioned several times earlier in the video, but really should have been said again, especially with the peanut butter. It should be packaged in a sealed glass jar with a metal lid and stored in a cool, darknes, dry storage area. There are a good number of narratives of Peanut Butter lasting 30+ years without going rancid under these conditions. I hope that helps. These statements have not been approved by the USDA. 🙂

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