Sell Crafts Online Part 3: Selling Your Stuff



After planning your business, and setting up your store, it’s time to actually sell crafts online.

If you haven’t read our first two articles, catch up on the Planning Stage and Setting Up Your Store Stage posts first, then come back!

There are still many things you need to do after these two steps. It’s not like, “Yay! I’ve set up my store. I’ll just let it sit there, and wait for buyers.”  Believe me, IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. Especially if you’re just starting.

How to Sell Crafts Online Step 3: Selling Your Stuff

If you’re going to wait for buyers to come to you, and just let google search do the work, it will take a looooooong time.

Since you’re just starting, you really need to do many things. Patience is the key.

Create a Buzz

Use your social media presence to boost your popularity. Get the help of friends and family to share the word about your business.

Create pages or accounts where you can share your products. Establish that you sell crafts online and that you can be trusted.

Make sure to engage in conversations with your possible customers. Be responsive to their inquiries, comments, reviews and complaints.

Traditional Networking

It will be hard, you may say it’s old-school, but it works.

Join local business unions or groups where you can promote your business. The best thing here is that you can learn from other business owners’ experiences.

You’ll also gain a physical network of people who share the same interest as you (I’m talking about business here, not crafts). They may not sell crafts online, but their insights will be helpful.

Make sure to bring business cards and sample products during meetings.

If they become interested in your products, they will also become customers.

Join Bazaars

(You right now: “What?!? That’s exactly what I’m avoiding.”)

One of the reasons why people choose to venture into online business is that they can work in the comfort of their own home. If you’re just starting, bazaars are inevitable.

You may ask, why should I join bazaars?  Same reason as joining traditional networking: establish connections and find prospective clients.

People who go to bazaars are always looking for something new. Maybe someone from the bazaar is a blogger and can feature you. Maybe there’s a businessman who’s looking for new products to invest in.

I could go on with many “maybes” but you’ll never know until you try.


Think of opening promotions that will grab buyers’ attention. Make sure to make the offers irresistible to the buyers while still being profitable to you.

Don’t make the prices so low that you won’t break even.

After your opening promos, think of other offers every now and then to ensure continuous patronage. You can also create a loyalty program giving buyers more discounts based on repeat purchases.


It’s stuff craft sellers forget most of the time, but this one is very important. Especially if you have a registered trademark.  Be sure to put your logo on all your packaging and products (put it somewhere where it won’t obstruct the products’ look, for example, it’s base).

While making your packaging look good, make sure it’s also functional. Make it pretty enough that buyers will want to gift it in the packaging.

Deliveries through courier services are a must when selling crafts online. Make sure that the packaging will hold the unit safely while in transit.

Customer Service

Listen to your customers’ feedback and suggestions.

Whether it’s a friendly suggestion or a brutal complaint, make sure to note it and see what you can do with your products.

Make sure you are responsive enough.  Diagnose and fix any problems your customers may have. When you sell crafts online, don’t leave any inquiry or feedback unattended.

By listening to your customers, you prove that you care about them, and want to provide them something worthy of their hard-earned money.

That’s the end of our guide. We hope this gave you what you need. Now, go out and get them!!