Easy DIY Scarves To Keep You Warm and Trendy Part 2


There are really a lot of easy to make scarves and all you need to do is look for them, or let your creativity work.

These DIY scarves are an addition to our first three items in our first article. For now, will be focusing on three easy DIY scarves which require a bit of sewing.

Gather your biscuit cans (which contains your sewing supplies instead of biscuits) or your sewing machine, your basic sewing skills from way back when, and start making your easy DIY scarves.

Note: Don’t ask Grandma to teach you how to sew now or she’ll knit you a new scarf. (Well, that doesn’t sound bad at all.)

Easy DIY Scarves: American Apparel Infinity Scarf Knockoff


They’re cute, they’re trendy, they look like the real thing.

Believe it or not, the easy to make scarves above can be made in less than ten minutes! Most of this time will be consumed during the cutting of the fabric.

Buy a yard of fabric in your local textile or craft store so cutting won’t be a big problem when you are already making the scarves. Most fabrics are sold in 65-inch width and this is a pretty perfect with for your scarves.

The only thing you need to do is to run it on a sewing machine two to three times using a running stitch. You may also stitch it by hand. Remember to align your patterns well to create a seamless illusion.

You may use cotton, jersey knit, or other thin and soft fabric. You want soft fabric because you don’t want something itchy or irritating on your nape or around your neck.

Check the detailed instructions here.

Easy DIY Scarves: Infinity Scarf


If you are too lazy to drive and buy fabric, you may rummage the closet of someone in the house whose shirt is three times bigger than yours.

Why three times? Because you want the scarf to not choke you when you wear it as an infinity scarf.

This is pretty easy. Cut the shirt on the part just below the sleeves. Next, cut out the bottom hem. If you are using stretch fabric, the cut part should fold or roll a bit.

However, if you use fabric that will unravel, you can skip cutting the lower hem. You then have to stitch a hem on the upper portion.

That’s it! You now have an infinity scarf you can wear everywhere!

Easy to make scarves like this will be perfect especially if made with shirts with non-rubberized prints.

Easy DIY Scarves: Cowl From Old Scarf


If you have a scarf (not infinity) that you think have seen its good years, don’t throw it away!

As long as the fabric haven’t frayed, and can still keep you warm, you can breathe new life into it.

For the scarf pictured above, you just need to stitch three buttons on one end of the scarf. Make sure to space them evenly so they can hold your cowl in place. Make corresponding buttonholes on the other end.

Use your imagination! Experiment with different kinds of buttons to decorate your old, boring scarf.

Learn how to make the scarf pictured above here.