DIY Phone Cases: Customize Your Handheld Device Part 2


Clear cases are really a very versatile way of customizing your phone cases. But if you have old cases that you really want to reuse, and they are not clear cases, these DIY phone cases ideas are a perfect option.

Some time ago, simple cases have been a fad among phone users. Both production and demand have spiked, and now, there’s a great chance that you’ll bump into someone with the same phone case as you.

Instant “twinsies” moment, right? But sometimes we want to be unique, so why don’t you try these DIY phone cases ideas?

These will only require some cheap materials that would make your phone cases extra special, and maybe look a bit more expensive.

DIY Phone Cases Ideas with Old Charms

You might have gone through a Boho phase back in the good old days or you’re really a true-blooded Boho chick. If so, then you might have a couple of accessory charms to spare.

You are just going to glue the charms at the back of your old cases with a glue gun or strong adhesive, and you’ll have a gorgeous case!

Any kind of charm will do! Use those faux or real bronze, silver, wood, plastic or metal charms. Whatever you have or can afford.

You also may need to spray your old cases with a color that would go well with your chosen charm. Use the kind of paint that will not be sticky after it dries.

DIY Phone Cases Ideas with Glitters

Perfect to give some sparkle for your phone. Don’t worry about the glitters being scraped! You just have to follow the procedures completely.

You will need a phone case, mod podge, brush, and glitters. Use the brush to spread the mod podge on your case evenly.

Pour the glitter on the phone case and flatten the applied glitter with the brush. Apply another coat of mod podge as soon as the first layer has dried.

If you are using clear case, apply the glitter on the underside of the case. You may also use small cuts of shiny confetti for a unique look.

Use painter’s tape or masking tape to exclude some parts of the case when applying glitter. You may also use stencils to create patterns.

DIY Phone Cases Ideas with Rhinestones–craft-567

For when you want sparkles, but can’t deal with glitters.

The process will be long especially if you want to cover the whole case because you need to glue the rhinestones one by one.

However, if you just one to create a certain shape, or cover just some parts, it’s also okay. Remember to use strong glue else the rhinestones will get scraped by the slightest force.

If you are aiming for a more jeweled look, you can also use the faux gems with one flat side. Arrange them into intricate patterns and incorporate them with the little rhinestones to create more bling to your hotline. Hahaha.

There are also some textured stickers that look like rhinestones which you can just stick to the back of your phone case or cases.