Diy Paper Decorations That Will Make You Question a Paperless World

By Jessie Domingo | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-03

If you have a lot of paper stored in your house and no opportunity to use them, check out these DIY paper decorations ideas.

Paper is a perfect material in making decorations because of its properties: it can easily be folded, comes in different colors and thickness, and readily available most of the time.

We usually just throw papers instead of reusing or recycling them. That’s why decorating with paper is a good way to reduce wastes that end up in our landfills.

Get your papers, scissors and glue, and prepare to make DIY paper decorations for your homes, room, or parties.

The only downside of DIY paper decorations is that they are not waterproof. If you would use this for an outdoor event, listen to weather forecasts to be sure.

Paper Flowers

There are many ways of cutting and rolling paper to create flowers. You just need to use something appropriate for your pro

After you have cut your papers into these flowers, there are countless ways to decorate with paper flowers you should try. The simplest way to do this is to put and arrange them in vases.

Another popular way to decorate with paper flowers is by making them into paper flower garlands. Drape them on dried tree branches or on curtain hooks.

You can arrange paper flowers on old frames to create a pretty wall art.

Paper Pompoms

These DIY paper decorations can be made by folding, tying and cutting thin paper to create a gorgeous ornament for various occasions. Learn how to make them here.

These can be used as day-to-day room adornment, wedding or any party decoration. Just remember to use the right colors to complement the theme of your occasion.

Hang these on dried tree branches (like the paper flower garland), or on Christmas trees to replace the usual plastic adornments we usually buy.

Origami Crane DIY Paper Decorations

Origami cranes are absolutely my favorite paper folding project.

You can make an assortment of room or home decor using origami cranes. For example, put a bunch of little paper cranes on a glass to create an adorable glass decor.

But one of my favorite origami crane DIY paper decorations is the one where multiple paper cranes were strung on a piece of yarn or string that is attached both to the wall and ceiling.

I have seen something like this in one particular designer’s boutique sometime ago and I’ve fallen completely in love with the idea.

This can be perfect as a room divider if done with multiple pieces. Although the one I’ve seen was made using gold-colored paper, the natural color of newspapers will also work perfectly.

How to make Origami Crane/Source:

You can also use origami cranes as adornment for your Christmas trees. Use natural colored paper to contrast the green needles of your tree. However, you can also apply red, silver, or golden glitters to complement your other adornments.

Teach your children or younger siblings how to make these. This can be a fun bonding activity.

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