DIY Crafts with Glue Gun: Hot Crafts You Can Make at Home


We always use glue guns in our crafting projects, but these DIY crafts with a glue gun make it the star of your craft project.

Usually, we don’t want the melted (then solidified) glue to be seen in our crafts. We treat it as an imperfection.

However, these DIY crafts with a glue gun actually incorporate the lump from the melted glue to make your projects more beautiful.

These glue lumps provide an elegant touch to ordinary objects and boring surfaces. The best thing is that these crafts take a little time to make.

Textured Vase/Jars

Do you have a plain glass vase at home that looks boring? Have you ever thought of getting those fancy textured and translucent vases?

Well, if your answer is yes to both questions, you can just make a textured vase with a glue gun!

Simply apply the hot glue around the vase’s surface. You can do this by tracing a spiral horizontally until you have covered the whole surface. You can also trace multiple rings around the vases height.

Don’t make perfect horizontal lines as this would not look authentic. Overlap the glue applications for a rougher finish.

Make sure to put the glue gun’s end directly on the surface. This is to avoid having the rounded lumps. No, you don’t want those here. We want a flatter, irregular texture.

Coral Décor

Yes, in case you’re wondering, the “coral” décor above really was made with a glue gun.

If you are a fan of red coral decorations, you don’t have to spend a fortune for that if you are on a tight budget. Maybe you can afford it in a year or two, but for now, you can make this DIY craft at home.

It can serve as an inspiration to you. Don’t you want something to make you say, “this is good, but soon, I can afford the real one.” (Rihanna’s Work plays in the background.)

Simply prepare a stand for your décor and put the main “stems” on it. It would be wise to use a thicker wire for this project.

Next, attach the finer wires to the main “stems” until they look like a leafless tree branch.

After that, coat the wires with hot glue to make them lumpier. After you’ve coated the whole thing, paint it with your desired color. (Red coral isn’t actually red; it’s a bit on the red-orange side, if you want that look and feel.)

Wax Seal

You’re not going to use hot glue here; just the glue gun itself.

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones or medieval stuff, you probably are fascinated with those fancy things they use to seal their letters.

You can buy a wax sealing set online or you can make your own with this craft project.

Here, we will be using your regular crayons.

In place of the glue stick, use crayons. Melt the crayon with the glue gun and apply a small circle of melted crayon on the end of the flap.

Finally, stamp it with your favorite non-stick stamp.

This would be perfect for invitations to weddings and other formal gatherings. (But you’re probably going to use this for casual correspondence to your friends. I don’t blame you.)

Harry Potter Wands

Since Halloween is just a month away, you can use a glue gun + stick for your costume idea.

You will need chopsticks (or something a bit longer if you want true-to-book measurements), glue gun, and paint.

Search online for the appearance of the wand you want to imitate. Apply the appropriate details using hot glue.

When the glue dries, just paint it with the applicable color.