Crafts with Concrete You Can Easily Make


Crafts with concrete, contrary to popular belief, is not just for men.

Yeah, I mean, because of the hard nature of concrete or cement, doing things with it are associated with being a man’s job.

How can we blame ourselves? Common things made with concrete are our homes, buildings, roads and bridges. But did you know that we can also make gorgeous crafts with concrete?

These craft ideas are easy to make and don’t require carpentry skills. The best thing is that after making them, you can brag that you made them yourself.

Sample conversation with friends:

“OMG, Annie. Are you serious?”

“Of course Shirley. It’s not like they are difficult to make.”

Crafts with concrete can provide an industrial feel to your homes, and are also perfect for garden decorations.

Learn how to make these crafts with concrete or use them as inspirations for your future DIY projects.

DIY Bowl Crafts With Concrete

Making bowls with concrete does not require too much effort. More importantly, you have less chance of Pinterest failing this than Yarn or Button Bowls.

Just prepare your molds: one big bowl and one smaller bowl. Use rubber bowls (if you can find any) so that the molds can easily be separated from the dried cement. If you only have plastic bowls, it can also work.

Pour the cement mix. Using pure cement and water mixture will produce a smooth surface. If you want a rougher texture, mix some sand in the mixture. Sand the concrete bowl to remove excess cement.

Spray, brush or dip it in paint for a unique look.

You can read a DIY concrete bowl full tutorial here.

DIY Garden Balls With Concrete

Concrete balls can be used as fancy garden ornaments or décor for your home.

It’s made like the usual yarn balls you always fail to make.

Find a round-shaped object, such as a balloon or a cheap rubber ball. If you are going to use a balloon, avoid to inflate it fully because chances are, it won’t be spherical.

Coat the outside of your mold with the cement and wait for it to dry. Learn how to make the perfect cement mix here.

Tip: You can choose not to cover your mold entirely so that you can make a bowl. Make the edges irregular for a unique look.

DIY Pendant Lamp With Concrete

Concrete pendant lamps can be made using a 1.5 or 2 Liter soda, and a smaller plastic bottle as molds.

First, you need to cut the bottom parts of the big and small plastic bottles. After this, insert a stick or rod big enough for your bulb’s wire at the bigger bottle’s cap. Place the smaller bottle inside the soda can and connect the rod to its cap.

Leave a small space between the bottles and insert a wire grid in that space. Pour the cement mix and wait for it to dry.

Finally, remove the output from the mold, sand it, and assemble the bulb. After that, hang your pendant lamp or ask someone to help you with it.

See step-by-step instructions here.