Selling Crafts Online Part 2: Setting Up Your Online Store




After planning your online crafts-selling business, the next thing you’ll do is to set-up your online store. (That is, if you have existing crafts for selling.)

If you haven’t started planning your business yet, read about it here.

In this article, The Craft Geek walks you through the process of setting up an online store where you’ll be selling crafts online

Selling Crafts Online Step 2: Setting Up Your Online Store

After selecting a marketplace where you will sell your crafts, you just need a little more patience.

Whether you’ll be working hands-on with the website or will hire someone to manage it, you need close attention to detail.

Think of A Store Name

This should be on the planning stage, but I put it here because you’ll be preoccupied at that time.

Think of a store name that fits the theme or feel of your crafts. Don’t name your shop “Grandma’s Goodies” if you’re not making goodies for grandmothers or if you’re not a grandma who makes goodies.

It’s also important to pick a unique name as there are a lot of online stores nowadays. You don’t want a satisfied customer referring your store to someone and end up purchasing at a different store with the same name.

Photograph Your Crafts

If you have photography skills, this will be easy peasy. However, if photography is your weakness, you need to ask for someone’s help here.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a professional camera. You can take a picture of your products with a phone. Just make sure your phone has a decent camera.

Under good lighting (this is necessary), take a photo of your crafts from different angles. It is important to take pictures of the whole products and feature their intricate and small details.

You can use a plain, one color wall for the background to focus attention on your craft. Alternatively, you can photograph it somewhere it belongs. For example, take a photo of luminary on a bedside table.

Apply the same subtle filter to all the photos to create a unified look.

Prepare Catchy Names and Descriptions

Use the same process when thinking of a store name but this time, it doesn’t have to be unique.

Use the general product name. Example: wreath, lamp, or shelves. When selling crafts online, it’s important to do this for buyers to search them easily.

You can couple the general product name with a product line name you came up with or the materials you used to make it. Example: Twigs Wreath, Mason Jar Lamp, Rustic Shelves.

Choose a Nice Layout

This will only be applicable if you chose to sell your products on your own website or blog.

Remember that first impressions lasts. Make sure that your website should give the buyers idea as to what you and your products are like. You wouldn’t want a cluttered interface to a website that offers organizers.

Speaking of interface, you can also ask the help of developers (if you have extra cash, you should) to help you with the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of the website. This will make browsing and shopping items easier for buyers.

For our next article, we will focus on the actual selling of your crafts online. Make sure to check it out.