Plastic Straw Crafts That Prove Recycling is Fun


Plastic straw crafts are a fun way to bond with your children or younger siblings because these materials are readily available. It’s also a good way to teach them about recycling.

Plastic straws along with plastic cups are one of the materials we use in our daily lives that commonly end up in landfills. Some of them even find their way to the ocean and destroy the marine ecosystem.

Most of our plastic straw and cups consumption can be attributed to our frequent orders of soda and other cold drinks from fast food and coffee shop chains (guilty).

This habit is very hard to let go especially if it has become a part of our lifestyle. But the least we can do is lessen the impact of our garbage in the environment.

That’s why these plastic straw crafts are not only fun to make, they also help preserve Mother Nature. Bonus thing is that you’ll have gorgeous décor and outputs.

Plastic Straw Crafts #1: Sunburst Frame

You may have seen those elegant sunburst frames for mirrors, clocks, and pictures from home improvement shows, and thought, “I should have that.” And so, you went to the furniture store, but when you’ve seen the price tag, pretended like you left something in your car.

If you haven’t, that’s because it was from my personal experience. Just take the bit where I forgot something in my car.

S for this project, you will need any circular mirror, frame or wall clock, plastic straws, a pair of scissors or cutter, cardboard and a glue gun.

First, cut your ring base from the cardboard and attach it to the thing you want to frame. After this, assemble the straws on the ring by gluing them to the cardboard ring.

You may cut the straws to your desired sunburst shape before or after attaching them to the ring.

After you have attached all the straws, cover the surface of the mirror with painter’s tape or a piece of paper or plastic. You may then coat the sunburst frame with metallic spray paint to make it look classy.

Read the full tutorial on AV Does What!?

Plastic Straw Crafts #2: Starburst Ornament

Yes, starburst and sunburst are different (in a manner of speaking.)

This plastic straw crafts can be used for various occasions if you just use the right colors or coating materials such as spray paints or glitters.

The process is very simple. Just get a bunch of straws together and tie them in the center tightly using any string or zip ties, and you’re done. Just coat the ornament with a color appropriate to the occasion.

You may also just use the straws natural color. Hang the ornaments on a string with other things such as lamps or banners to create a garland.

Full instructions here.

Plastic Straw Crafts #3: Elegant Geometric Mobiles

Yes, the one pictured above was made from straws. And no, I’m not joking.

This is a very easy project. The look will mainly depend on the spray paint you are going to use. I recommend metallic colors to make your straws look classy.

The process is very easy. Just insert a thin wire on the straws, and bend the wire according to the shape you want to create. You may cut the straws in different sizes as your shape may require.

After this, you may hang your mobile on a boring room to provide an air of elegance.

Step-by-step instructions here.