Free Craft Supplies in Your Homes and What To Make Out of Them – Part 1


We’re always searching for free craft supplies but some of them might just be sitting in our homes.

I searched our house (literally) and looked for common items in every household that are taking space and has no use. After that, I chose 5 that can be used as free craft supplies.

In this article, I’ll be sharing these 5 free craft supplies and what you can do with them.

Free Craft Supplies at Home # 1: Mason Jars

This is a no-brainer. Mason jars are like the Johnny Depp of craft supplies: very versatile. Whatever you jar contained before or no matter how it looks, there’s something you can make out of it.

What to do with it:

From storage to decor, mason jars are one of the go-to free craft supplies of people everywhere.

You can use it as a glass for your red tea, lemonade, or homemade drinks. (Many restaurants do this already with jars with handles.)

You can also use them as storage for your herbs, spices, small items, craft supplies, etc. Just put labels and cover it with washi tape.

If you have a limited workspace, just nail the jar’s cover on a hanging cabinet or shelf, or under a table.

Mason jars are also a famous option for DIY lamps and luminaries with the help of other paid and free craft supplies. You could put tea candles, light bulbs, or Christmas lights to achieve the desired effect.

Just use mod podge to decorate it with LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF. You can decoupage pictures (printed on vellum paper), fabric or skeleton leaves.

You can also wrap yarn haphazardly around the jar, and paint all over it. When the paint dries up, take off the yarn and marvel at the beautiful pattern you have created. It would look best in the dark.

If you have phosphorescent paints ready (or you’re willing to buy some), you can apply paint using bamboo skewers or any stick inside a mason jar. It’s easy! Just poke the inside of a jar with a stick and create dots in varying sizes.

Turn off the light, and you have a glowworm-inspired bedside luminary.

Free Craft Supplies at Home # 2: Old Bottles

Whether they contained beer, wine, or rum, there are many things you can make from old bottles. Plastic soda bottles can also be used as free craft supplies.

The nice thing about bottles is that each one has a distinct shape and color. 

What to do with it:

Simple things first! Use wine bottles as decor for your homes. Just paint it in your desired color and you can turn them into beautiful flower vases for your dining table or living room.

Beer bottles, on the other hand, can be used as luminaries or cover for light bulbs! Just insert Christmas lights inside a beer bottle, place it on your table and plug it in! Tadaaa!

Of course, you need to have the right tools or science know-how to cut those old bottles. But once that’s sorted, the possibilities are endless.