DIY Kinetic Sand – Summer Crafting For Kids!

This recipe was definitely a process of trial and error for the writers at Parenting Chaos

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  1. Find a very fine grain of sand. We picked ours up at a local Pet Store. 
  2. Dry the sand out as much as possible. The more water in the mix the less similar it will be.

While this sand had a lot of the same attributes, it missed some of the stringiness that kinetic sand has. The ingredients listed for Kinetic Sand claim 98% sand, 2% polydimethylsiloxane (aka silicone oil). This is a known main ingredient in silly putty, but so is boric acid, so a part of me is wondering if boric acid is also included in the kinetic sand that is sold.

So what did we do to make our kinetic sand work? We used an older batch of Liquid Starch Slime that was starting to deteriorate and very very slowly mixed in a pinch at a time. Best solution? No…but it made a really cool sand that is moldable, stretchy, and dry to the touch.

  1. 1 Bottle 5 oz Clear Glue
  2. 1 Cup Liquid Starch
  3. 2 Lbs. Ultra Fine Sand
  1. Bake the sand for 4-5 hours at 120 degrees. You want as much moisture out of the sand as possible.
  2. Pour a bottle of glue and the liquid starch into a bowl. Mix together.
  3. You want your slime to be a bit on the runny side. If it is too stiff slowly add in more liquid starch.
  4. Add a spoonful of slime at a time to the sand until you have a consistency that you enjoy!

For more kinetic sand recipes, check out this video:

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