Wedding DIY: Moss & Twine-Wrapped Mason Jars

You will need:

Via ThePrettyBee

So easy…just cut your moss into strips of the desired size, wrap around your jars, then wrap the twine around a few times and make a bow! I went with the bright green moss, but there are so many fun varieties of moss. You could use a brightly colored yarn or baker’s twine if you don’t want the natural look of the tan twine.

Via ThePrettyBee

Then put your spring flowers in! I am loving tulips right now, but I also love lilacs and daffodils as well! Anything is going to look great with the fresh green moss.

Via ThePrettyBee

A great way to reuse your mason jars! A bit of twine and moss dress these jars up for spring bouquets! #masonjar

What fun crafts have you been doing these days? 



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