DIY Glass Painting: Makeover Your Home Glassware

By Jessie Domingo | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-09-30

If your glassware at home are becoming an eyesore or are just simply boring, these DIY glass painting ideas will be perfect for you.

Glassware is an essential part of room décor. We use them for vases, candleholders or votive, as lamps or lanterns. Sometimes we repurpose old jars for this purpose.

But if one day you just woke up and wanted to redecorate you living room, and said, “this house needs a pop of color. Let there be color,” you can just DIY it.

You may want to buy those name brand paints, but if they are not readily available, say you live in the boondocks, or just feels too lazy to buy, you can just make your own paint using common items.

DIY Glass Painting: Make a Sea Glass Effect

Seaglass is popular in home décors such as vases, table topper or paperweights. That’s why there is a commercialized sea glass paint.

If you want to save some bucks or a trip to the local hardware, you can achieve the same effect using glue and food color.

Simply mix glue and food color together and add water to thin down the mixture. When you are satisfied with the consistency and color, you can now paint your glassware.

Note: Apply one, super thin coat only.

Make sure to let it dry somewhere it won’t be exposed to dust.

DIY Glass Painting: Tint Any Glass Container

Now, if you want to color a glass container, but don’t want a cloudy texture, tinting the glass would be an option.

Tinting is perfect if you are going to put something in a container that you want to be seen clearly. It’s also a good alternative because it’s waterproof.

You just need glass containers, Gloss-Lustre variant of Mod podge, food color, and some water.

Mix the mod podge, food color in a container. Add water to thin down the mixture. You can experiment with different hues by mixing varying amounts of mod podge and food color.

Next, apply some of the mixtures inside the glass container you want to tint. Tilt the glass in different angles so that the mixture will coat the inside of the glass thoroughly.

So, how is it going to be transparent?

Just put the container in the oven, and bake at 225 degrees for  25 minutes. Let it cool where it will not be exposed to the wind.

Read a detailed instruction here.

DIY Glass Painting: Distressed Glass Container

This DIY glass painting technique will be perfect especially this Halloween.

You will need small bottles (or apothecary bottles, sandpaper, craft paint, and a paintbrush.

To distress the glass, you will need to sand it first. Use a 70-100 grit sandpaper to scratch the surface of the glass. Don’t make your strokes even.

Sand the bottles in different areas, making sure to stroke in different directions.

After sanding the glass, you may opt to display like that already or proceed to the next step.

To make the glass look dirty, mix some black and brown craft paint on a container thoroughly. After mixing, apply paint all over the outside of the bottles.

Wait for the paint to get tacky (not dry) and then, wipe the bottle with a piece of cloth or tissue paper. Tada! You now have some potion bottles to decorate for Halloween or theme parties.

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