DIY Seashell Crafts to Bring Out Your Inner Mermaid Queen


Many of us are fascinated with bodies of water like oceans and beaches. This DIY crafts with shells will take that fascination to a whole new level.

When going to the beach this summer, you might collect seashells, pebbles, and fine beach sand. You probably thought about making crafts out of these found treasures.

If your found shells are still in the container you put them in weeks or months ago, these DIY Crafts with shells will be perfect to put them in use.

Whether you are a casual beach fan or a self-proclaimed mermaid queen, you are so gonna love these stuff.

Gather your supplies, make these seashell crafts, and make summer last the whole year.

DIY Crafts with Seashells: Wind Chime or Mobile

Have you ever looked at those seashell wind chimes they sell in souvenir stores and thought that you could probably do them?

Well, if you did, you’re right! These are very simple to make if you have the right equipment.

I recommend using a 4.4 mm diamond bit (ask your local hardware store). This bit is hard enough to drill through shells and glass. This is the bit that has a cutting bit smaller than the shaft.

Before drilling the shells, make sure to get safety gears like goggles, etc.

Drill the part/s of the shell where you want to thread it. For this project, you will need to drill two holes per shell. Remember to use harder shells; the brittle ones might crumble while drilling.

After drilling, use nylon cord or twine to thread the shells until you achieve your desired length. Tie one end of the cord to a tree branch or a metal rod, and you can hang it already.

When tying, space the stringed seashells so that they’ll hit one another when the wind blows.

If you want a mobile, tie the stringed shells on an embroidery or metal ring instead of a rod or tree branch.

Tip: make several long strings of shells create shell curtains for your doors.

DIY Crafts with Seashells: Memory Jars/Frames

This is the most straightforward item on this list.

Simply put the shells in a mason jar, a frame with a wide interior, or literally any container. Cover your jar with burlap and that’s it.

Alternatively, you could put sand first on and the jar, add the shells later and create a snow globe-like scene, but without water.

To make it more memorable, print a photo of a scene you captured from the beach where you got the shells. After printing, insert it inside the jar. Do this before or after putting the sand and shells.

These would make for lovely presents for friends or family members.

DIY Crafts with Seashells: Wreath

Perfect for your bedroom door to warn intruders that you’re a mermaid queen. You can also hang this on top of your bathtub to give a beach vibe.

Simply get a ring to make as your base. Make sure that the material you’re going to use is sturdy enough to support the weight of the seashells.

If you are going to put them somewhere it will get in contact with water, use something waterproof.

After getting your materials simply use the glue gun to attach the shells to the base. Arrange the shells on the base however you want it to look like.

DIY Crafts with Seashells: Mermaid Crown

This is the ultimate DIY craft using seashells. This will proclaim to all that you are indeed a mermaid queen.

Gather some seashells, some fake gems, and beads. Get that creativity going!

Just attach your materials to a dollar store tiara using glue gun. Make sure the arrangement is either balanced or symmetrical as your materials will allow.

Wear it to the mall, beach, parties or balls.