DIY Crafts Using Old Toys – Turn Your Plastic Toys into Sculptures or Décor


If you or your siblings have owned action figures when you were young and want to preserve your precious childhood memories, these DIY crafts using old toys will be perfect for you.

Back then, our childhood was much simpler. We had no iPhones, iPads, or high-end gaming consoles. That is why we were already happy with those rubber and plastic action figures. 

The generation gap will explain why most children nowadays don’t appreciate the toys we had back then.

Instead of throwing them away or storing them in a box, why don’t you repurpose these toys into beautiful sculptures or decor?

These toy sculptures can provide a way for you to remember the good old days or add character to your home, depending on how you make them.

DIY Crafts Using Old Toys: Photo Frame

What better way to preserve your childhood memories than a picture of you as a child framed with your toys back then?

This will look good for those little plastic people or animals. I don’t know what it will look like if you grew up with dolls.

You just need your glue gun and toys. You could leave them as it is or paint them to suit the color scheme of your house or room.

The original source has been defunct, but you can see the full tutorial here. Just use Google Translate.

DIY Crafts Using Old Toys: Lampshade

This DIY craft will be good to be the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning. Just glue your toys together until you are satisfied with their arrangement.

Paint them with the same color as your lamp’s handle. You could also use chalk paint to create the illusion that it’s a limestone sculpture.

Use metallic paint to make them look less plastic. Check this tutorial for full instructions.

Bliss Bloom Blog has a tutorial on how to make the lamp using craft felt and toy cars. The blogger made it for her child, but it will be a perfect gift for your brothers or boyfriend who love cars.

DIY Crafts Using Old Toys: Plastic Dinosaur Succulent Planters

Good conversation starter for parents and children alike.

“You know, that planter was Michael’s first toy. Now he’s in college. How time flies.”

It would also be good to remind you of the simpler times when you don’t have to worry about exams or getting late to work.

Just take the top off, paint and/or dip in glitters. Read how to make them here.

DIY Crafts Using Old Toys: Bookends

If you love your bookshelf but your wooden bookends are so boring, you may want toadd a a pop of color and artsy feel. You may use your old toys to decorate your bookends.

Simply attach your chosen toy on the bookend, and paint with whatever color you like.

Read all about this DIY bookends using old toys here.