DIY Chandelier – Made With Pingpong Balls!

The Coolest DIY Chandelier

Spray balls in groups using a different color for each group (might be nice to do with an ombre effect too). They used 30 balls per group (6 rows) for a total of 180 balls for a 45 cm diameter shade.

Drill a small hole with the needle into opposite ends of each ball. 

Using nylon thread make garlands knotting one end first then pulling thread through each ball from one hole to the other (like beading) filling up the string until all balls are used to the diameter size of your frame; tie the wire up against the last ball.

Tie the garland of balls around the lampshade structure, repeat next garland, and so on until the entire shade is covered.  Hang from a pendant string light such as an IKEA HEMMA cord set. Voila!

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