Crafts using Sharpie and Porcelain: Decorate Your Mugs and Plate


One of the most popular and in demand crafts using sharpie pens is porcelain ware written or drawn on with Sharpie pens.

This is also one of those DIY projects that usually end up as a Pinterest fail meme. If not, some bloggers who feature these crafts using sharpie pens are swarmed with, “I did this and failed spectacularly” kind of comments.

This article will focus on how to do crafts using sharpie pens and porcelain properly, as well as craft projects with them.

How to Do Crafts Using Sharpie Pens and Porcelain

One of the best to achieve this look is to do Sharpie pen-drawn mugs or plates by baking it in the oven. But the most important thing to remember is to use the OIL-BASED PAINT variant of Sharpies. These are a bit pricier than the regular ones, but it’ll be worth every extra penny.

Instructions like oven setting and how long you’re gonna bake it differ from blogger to blogger.

For best results, let the Sharpie ink dry overnight before baking it in the oven. Bake the mugs or plate in the oven at 350F for 30 minutes.

crafts using sharpie #1: Statement Mugs

Many things came to your mind, right? His & Her mugs, quotations, phrases, poems, verses, movie lines. I could go on for  days!

Simply get your sharpie, and casually write anything on the mug. You may also use your calligraphy and typography skills.

It doesn’t matter if you write in cursive or print, decorative or distorted. You may even use your own handwriting because it will be more personal.

crafts using sharpie #2: Stenciled Porcelain

This method will be perfect if you are making a set or batch you want to gift people or just display in the house. Think of tea sets or shelf décor.

Like any stenciling project, make your pattern on a piece of sturdy paper. Cut it out using cutters or scissors.

After cutting, lay the paper flat on the plate, saucer, bowl, or mug you want to stencil. Hold it and make sure it won’t move while drawing on the surface. You may use painter’s tape or masking tape to hold the pattern in place.

crafts using sharpie #3: Graphic Mugs

This will be an amazing idea for Holiday gifts. Children and adults alike are surely going to love receiving one or more of these DIYs.

If you have drawing skills (you don’t need to be so good; this is not a Fine Arts project), get your Sharpie pens out and start drawing.

These animal snout drawings are very easy to make because you are just going to draw basic shapes to form them.

The positioning of the drawings on the mug’s bottom is also very cute and entertaining.

crafts using sharpie #4: Monogram

For this project, you don’t even need to draw, write, scribble, or doodle things on your mugs, plates, or saucers.

Get some regular scrapbooking alphabet stickers from your regular crafts supplies store or bookstore. Make sure to get the variant that will be easy to peel when applied in porcelain or glass.

Next, put the sticker on where you want your monogram to be. Apply small dots by poking the Sharpie pen’s tip on the glass. Make sure to use complementing colors. Make sure to apply dots on the sticker’s edge.

After you’re satisfied with the dot’s appearance, peel off the sticker. Ta-da!

Make a bunch of this for your friends and family.