Are you planning a camping trip and Don’t Know where to Begin?


Then this article is for you! The biggest issue we see with camping, is not having any idea of where to begin. Safety always comes first, then outdoor activities and leisure. It’s important that you have fun when you camp. Other factors play an important role in the experience you have when you camp, including – the right destination, season and duration of your trip will have a big impact on how much fun you have.

Are You Packing Enough When Camping?

If you don’t have the right supplies, the right food and the right gear for the area, your camping experience can end up a bust. Even if you bring the fishing polls, you need to make sure you have the right tackle. Everything all the way down to the tent stakes have to be right, or your entire trip can end up out the window.

Then you have to take into consideration who you are camping with. Are you camping with friends or family? This is an important consideration for your trip as it will determine if you can just wing it or have to do some advance planning. Of course, you could just wing it, which will work OK if you’re single or just with your significant other. If you are with family or a larger group of people you may want to consider planning a few things in advance to ensure a fun and memorable experience!

Take the Right Supplies When Camping

Chances are, if you attempt a random trip with no supplies, it’s going to suck. Especially if you’re at the wrong place at the wrong time. I know everyone wants to be tough. But let’s face it, being unprepared can lead to being cold and wet. And cold and wet, is always cold and wet.


If you’ve got a trailer or an RV, you’re going to be fine in most cases. But if you’re a weekend warrior, looking to go camping in your Camry, best you be prepared for a cold night, and anything else that can happen.

Think about your food storage, how you’ll cook it and the utensils. If any of these three components are not accounted for… You’re probably in for a bumpy ride. It’s like I tell people, being unprepared for camping, is a lot like driving a racecar with one arm and one leg, you’ve got a big problem ahead of you.

What Do You Bring Camping?

Make sure you bring your toothbrush and toothpaste – it sucks when you have to worry about personal hygiene. I know we’re talking about camping, but yuck mouth is always gross. Maybe more important than anything are your feet. Make sure you are taking care of them, and keeping them clean. When your feet go, you go and it’s not a pretty picture.

Just think of the words rot and fungus… Unless you want to use them while describing your feet, keep your feet dry and clean. Other than that, have fun… Just stay safe, and make sure you are prepared. It’s fundamental to your health and livelihood while camping.