Amazing Yoga Stretching For Those Long Office Days


While working in an office has many benefits, it certainly does not help some aspects of your health. It’s important that you are mindful of your posture at all times. If you go home feeling stiff and cramped and your neck and shoulders ache, it’s time for some yoga. Get ready to stretch out that body.


The Importance of Posture

Most of us live unhealthy lifestyles. We are simply not designed to be sitting for hours at a time or typing profusely over a laptop. No wonder we often ache or have to uncoil our bodies while waiting for circulation prior to stumbling out the door to go home.

Poor posture can have a devastating effect on the body generally. Not only can it greatly increase tension in your the neck and shoulders, leading to nagging headaches, but it impacts the lower back and places pressure on every joint in the body. If you have sometimes tried to stand up from your desk and every part of your body feels inflexible, the chances are that you have been sitting incorrectly. When we have good posture, we distribute the force of gravity throughout the body.

It’s important to understand that posture affects every part of your movements, so if your posture is not good, it will impact how you walk, run, and so on. But good posture says a lot more about you than just stopping aches and pains (as if that is not enough) it also makes you look confident.

If you are a little dubious about this, think about those around you who appear to exude confidence, perhaps this is someone in a senior position in the workplace. Does this person slouch, or walk along with their head down looking at the floor, as if the weight of the world is on their shoulders? No, most successful, confident people stand tall, their shoulders are back, their head is held high and what a difference it makes.

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