Want to Open Your Own Yoga Retreat?


So, you’re a fully-fledged yoga professional and have a dream of setting up your own yoga retreat, but where do you start? Before you go rushing in, it’s time to consider all options, after all, it’s a big investment in respect of time and financials. Make sure you are ready to take this important step.

yoga retreat

The first steps

A yoga retreat is a dream for most yoga teachers – whether owning it outright, partnering with another yoga teacher or, even working at a yoga retreat while building up your followers.  It takes time to build up confidence levels, to develop your skills and to ascertain how to organize and teach yoga classes on a day to day level.

Finding the right premises for your yoga retreat

You may be lucky and find the perfect premises. This may be somewhere in your local area – depending on where you live. Alternatively, you may wish to create a retreat somewhere indulgently exotic. A yoga retreat has to tick so many boxes so to attract those who will make the effort to travel to it. Make sure you are fully convinced of your desire and of your location prior to starting. You certainly don’t need self-doubts to muddy the waters.  Don’t tether your dreams but keep all the practical aspects in mind such as costs, marketing and the time required to set it all up. Although yoga retreats and studios are so popular right now, this doesn’t guarantee that you will make it work.  See this as a business opportunity, develop business acumen and work hard. Make it more than a creative dream.


There’s no doubt that location is of the utmost importance. It isn’t about it being convenient for you. It is about being set in an area that would draw yoga enthusiasts to it. If you choose a yoga retreat, decide if a holiday setting, or, perhaps, in a property that is close to your home location. Every area has potential however, if in a less than likely place, you need to portray the benefits of why people should attend. Once you have decided, consider whether you think you will gain sufficient attendees to sign up. Also, what do you charge? There is much to be considered.

yoga retreat

Go all out for peace and quiet

Setting up a yoga retreat is very different than setting up a weekly class. Aim to have beautiful scenery on your doorstep, well-cared for grounds and a warm, friendly atmosphere. This way, everyone feels relaxed immediately. Are you confident at creating a special set of yoga sequences that is suitable for all levels? Are you targeting beginners or those who are more experienced? As regards diet, Are you catering for all nutritional needs or only vegetarians or vegans? Are you advocating holistic health and other therapies? In respect of your yoga classes, it’s important to find the right teachers who will bring their own specialties to your yoga retreat and to make sure that your guests have all their needs catered for.


There’s a lot of work in setting up a yoga retreat. If determined, then, go all out for it but do so in a measured way. It’s important to establish that there is a lot of interest in your yoga retreat prior to launching it.  However, once you have done so, your dream yoga retreat and new business will become a tangible reality.