How To Renew Your Enthusiasm Towards Yoga Practice


When you practice yoga, you strive continuously towards understanding the yogi way. However, even the best sessions can start to become a little dull. So it is a great idea to review your yoga practice, giving it a complete spring clean. This helps to freshen up your awareness and renew your enthusiasm. Ready?  

yoga practice

Try Something New

If you want to completely freshen up your yoga practice, opt for a whole new style. You don’t have to give up your chosen style but join a new class and see what happens as this can really open your mind. As a result, you’ll renew your love of yoga by learning new techniques and sequences.

Attend a Yoga Workshop

You may love your home yoga practice but why not go all out this spring or summer and enroll in a yoga workshop? You’ll meet some amazing new people who all love yoga the way you do and you will feel naturally enthusiastic as you pick up the vibe.

Create New Sequences

How varied is your yoga practice? Do you find that you veer towards the same tried, tested, and polished yoga poses all the time? Do you freshen up your sequence or create your own? If not, why? Experiment. Consider what works and what does not. Be adventurous. Yoga is all about exploration of self. 

Try a New Challenge

Yoga is very much about developing on a personal level. You may have avoided some yoga poses because they were too hard and you didn’t feel ready, but what about now? When was the last time you tried a challenging yoga pose and experienced the joy of success?

Incorporate Props

Have you tried using props in your yoga practice? Iyengar yoga uses props as part of the yoga session and it’s a great way to extend your practice. If you think the use of props is cheating, think again. They are a great asset to any yoga session. However, if you are new to yoga or even up to intermediate level, they will give you numerous benefits and will protect you from moving too far within any pose. Try it and see.

Yoga practice

Take Yoga Practice Outside

If you love nature, you’ll love a yoga practice with the fresh air on your face, especially when it restores your natural equilibrium. Make your practice fun and go back to the basics. By doing so, you’ll recreate the essence of all you love about yoga. Engage with the natural world around you and enjoy the sensations. Do your sun salutation in your garden at dawn or, practice your favorite sequence in the glow of moonlight, it’s up to you.

In Conclusion

Feeling inspired? Why not start now? Give your regular yoga practice a dust-off and a good spring cleaning. By doing so, you can try out new postures or create challenging new sequences. Following this, you’ll feel renewed, refreshed, and full of enthusiasm.