Fantastic Yoga Postures to Open Up the Hips


You may find some yoga postures difficult to achieve if your hips are tight, often caused through a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, lower back pain and posture may be poor with movement restricted. The hips hold tension, and perhaps, unresolved issues and so, regular practice of specific hip-opening postures is beneficial. Ready to improve flexibility?

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Yoga postures to let go of tension

As with anything in life, we absorb tension in the body and in the hip area, is no exception. When much of the day, we are sitting at a desk or even if relaxing, we do not increase suppleness of the hips. It is an area often forgotten in the body. Fortunately, the following yoga postures will help to increase flexibility fairly quickly.When you practice each of the yoga postures, tune into each movement and feel the stretch. Do make sure that you do not overextend the hips, let it all happen naturally. 

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