These 4 Yoga Poses Are Proven To Quickly Improve Posture


Keep your head up and stand tall yogis. Great posture is the key to projecting inner confidence so you may reach your goals. Move gracefully and powerfully off the mat with these poses to improve posture.

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Tree Pose

Be rooted, tall, and strong like a tree. Tree Pose encourages proper posture to help you maintain balance. Make sure your left foot is grounded as you bring the sole of your right foot up to press onto the inner left thigh.

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Standing Forward Fold

This stretch is perfect for finding length in the spine. Begin in a rooted stance with your feet hip-width apart. Fold forward and grip your elbows as you exhale and find length through your whole body. Hold for one minute, then release your arms before gently rising from the pose. 

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Cat Pose

This one can help you understand how a neutral spine should feel. Position yourself on your hands and knees with a flat, neutral back. Next, take an exhale and guide your back to a rounded position up towards the sky.

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Cobra Pose

Strengthen the back and open the upper body with cobra pose. Lie on your stomach and slide your palms underneath your shoulders with the fingertips pointing forward. Keep your naval and pelvis on the floor as you lift, then straighten your arms and lift your head and chest off the mat. Remember to roll your shoulders back and down to open the chest and engage the thighs by pressing down on the mat. Hold the pose for 30 seconds and gently release back to the floor on an exhale.

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