The Top 6 Yoga Poses For a Sore Back


If you spend too much time sitting each day, you may find that you start to develop a sore back and that your posture suffers.  As a healthy spine is connected with everything you do, it’s worth trying out these yoga poses, as they can boost flexibility and increase strength.  

yoga sequence

Back Pain

When you start to develop back pain, it can be debilitating. Even the slightest of movements can be painful. Unfortunately, many of us lead sedentary lives. Some of us experience this every day, which means that our posture can be impacted.

If you wince suddenly as you move or find your back grumbling away as you roll out of bed, it’s time to increase flexibility and the strength of your back so that it reduces the potential for future injury. Forward and backward bends are wonderful within yoga practice but it is also important to practice twisting movements. This helps to elongate your spine, creating space between the vertebrae as these can easily become compressed, leading to nerve pain.

Twisting postures activates muscles, sending an increased flow of blood around the body, aiding the healing process.  When utilizing twisting yoga postures, it can help decompress your discs. This yoga sequence is perfect for anyone who would like to increase flexibility and to improve the health of their back. Practice the sequence several times a week and if you find it beneficial, add in other twisting exercises.

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