THESE 4 Yoga Poses Are Proven To Relieve Your Neck Pain


With the holidays around the corner, the to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer. During this busy time, a lot of us tend to store tension in the neck and shoulders. Here are five yoga poses to relieve neck pain and enjoy the holiday season, stress-free.

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Cat Pose

Stretch and massage the neck with this gentle asana. Position yourself on your hands and knees with a flat, neutral back. Next, take an exhale and slowly guide your back to a rounded position up towards the sky.

relieve neck pain
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Child’s Pose

This resting pose is great for releasing tension and boosting circulation from the spine to the shoulders.  With your knees spread apart and your toes touching, sit with your legs folded beneath you. Place your forehead in front of you on the floor as you bring your chest between your legs and stretch your arms ahead or at your sides.

relieve neck pain
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Fish Pose

Lie down on your back and slip your hands under the torso with the thumbs touching. Lengthen your legs in front of you and on an inhale, extend your chest to the sky while keeping the crown of the head on the floor. 

relieve neck pain
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Eagle Pose

Begin standing and bend the knees to help you lift the left foot off the ground to cross over the right foot. Next, cross the right arm over the left arm, entangling the forearms with the palms turned to face each other. Maintain focus as you complete this balancing and therapeutic pose.

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