How Yoga Boosts Health Despite Physical Disabilities


Yoga inspires the image of athletic bodies and people who are perfectly balanced between mind and body. While this is often the case, you do not need to be fit and healthy to practice yoga. In fact, when you have health problems and even severe, physical disabilities, this is when you need it the most.

physical disabilities

Yoga and Physical Disabilities

First, yoga is for everyone no matter where you come from. If you have physical disabilities, don’t let that stop you from trying yoga. Many people with health issues practice yoga and there is always a way to adapt the postures where necessary. Disability does not hold people back in the same way that it once did.

In fact, there are many advancements in modern medicine. One of these advancements is stem cell therapy, where the cells can regenerate and arthritic or damaged joints practically heal themselves. Yoga plays an important part as a healing aid as it provides a gentle stretch no matter your personal capabilities. If you can only stretch for one inch, you are still working those muscles and exercising your joints. But the benefits of yoga are extensive, here’s why.

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