These Yoga “Myths” Have Spread Like Wildfire (But They’re Totally Untrue)


There are many misconceptions when it comes to Yoga practice. We personally think everyone can benefit from a regular Yoga routine. However, there are a few yoga myths constantly circulating that we’d like to put a stop to RIGHT NOW.

Yoga Myths

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You’ve probably heard lots of things about Yoga. If you’re already on the yogi train you know what a great workout the practice can be. You’ve also probably seen all the many benefits the practice can bring to your life. However, there are a few myths that keep people from trying out this exercise form. We’re here to shoot those beliefs down.

Firstly, you don’t need to already be flexible to start yoga. Many people avoid yoga class because they think they aren’t flexible enough to even begin. They picture hyper-mobile dancers sitting in splits and handstands, and they don’t realize that most classes are filled with normal people just trying to improve a little each class. Your teacher will be able to help you modify each pose to your own flexibility level, and beginner classes are designed to make everyone feel safe and welcome.

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Secondly, you don’t have to be skinny to do yoga either. Many people picture perfectly toned women in skimpy outfits, walking out of class holding chai tea lattes. In reality the truth couldn’t be further from this picture. People of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the many postures and poses in a Yoga class. Yes, the class might help you shed a few pounds, but its purpose is simply to make your body stronger and more elastic- no matter your size.

Yoga Is For Boys Too

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Another myth too many people believe- that only women practice yoga. Go to any Yoga studio and you’ll see tons of guys hitting the mat. Many professional athletes practice Yoga. They’ve realized how much it can enhance their performance on the field. There is nothing inherently “girly” about yoga, and many men are shocked when they realize its much more difficult than they thought.

Our final yoga myth is important. We want to remind everyone that Yoga doesn’t just bring physical benefits. It also helps cultivate an inner peace. Regular yoga practice will benefit your mental health as much as your physical health. In the long run it’s a great way to heal your body from the inside out.