[Yoga For Life] How To Make Your Yoga Practice Work For You Instead Of Against You


It’s your life and you have a responsibility to yourself to live it as you please but, if you love yoga, then you have to make your practice work for you. When you understand each session and the amazing things that the postures can do for you, then it has to be yoga for life. Here’s why.  

Yoga for lifeCultivate your practice. Decide here and now that you are going to maximize the potential of each posture. Learn the benefits of each movement and commit to them. When you commit to yoga for life, something strange happens, it becomes more than an exercise system, it improves health, fitness, and well-being and streamlines your life. It also creates a union of the mind, body, and soul. 

Yoga for Life – Control Your Practice Sessions

If you are not practicing enough, increase it a little at a time. Try to stretch out on the yoga mat each day but if you don’t have time for a full session, create some sequences instead. This way you still gain all the benefits while saving time. 

If you are overdoing your sessions, temper it down a little. It is better to have quality practice sessions than reducing the effectiveness of the workout. You must also rest your body in between sessions. There is the temptation sometimes to work just on those postures that you really enjoy, leaving the more difficult or less desirable postures to one side.

Balance it Out

Yoga can provide an all-body workout. There are so many different styles too, so it is easy to keep your session varied. If you are keen on lots of activities– especially high-intensity ones, then, choose a yoga form that will balance that. Work on flexibility and gentle restorative postures. If you don’t exercise as much, then choose yoga styles such as Ashtanga yoga or Bikram yoga and remember to meditate too. 

Does Your Body Hurt?

Yoga should not cause physical aches and pains. It’s true you may feel stiff or tense the next day, especially if working on parts of the body which are less flexible. Work with your body and not against it. It is important to not push your body too far. Listen to it. Alignment is all important and the stretch is key for success.

Yoga for lifeSelf-Motivate

It’s important to stay motivated. Find your reasons to keep practicing, even on those days when you are tired and just do not feel like being bothered. Adapt your practice session and work on those areas of the body that feel tight or tense. Stretch it out. Seriously, the best motivation is when you feel strong and supple. 

Yoga for Life – Be Happy

Stay focused throughout, don’t think about how supple you used to be, tune into the stretch and remain clear about the muscles and joints that are being exercised. Feel the stretch, go to your maximum without pain and believe in the power of yoga to transform your body. Make every session count.