REVEALED: The Truth About Yoga Practice And The Myths Behind It


Yoga changes your life in ways that you cannot possibly imagine.  Well, yes, it’s true and what enthusiast could possibly refute this statement? But are we guilty of thinking that the changes are so powerful that they turn us into super-patient, all-knowing super-humans, or is the positive press just a little OTT? Read on.


Yoga the Miracle Worker

Let’s look at the proven positives of practicing yoga. It can most definitely help with the healing process and it does improve equilibrium and re-connects mind, body, and spirit. It also helps to offset stress and it can certainly improve flexibility making your body bendier than ever before.  Yoga also increases confidence and gives you a sense of well-being. So far so good, right? But does it make you a super-chilled, laid back person who truly lives and let lives?

Yoga Makes You Super-Patient

Well, no, maybe this isn’t quite true. If you are a rather fiery individual naturally and you’ve always struggled to summon up an ounce of patience, then no, it will not naturally turn you into a demure individual. Think about it. When you were last in the car stuck in a traffic jam, did you remain calm and centered humming OM to yourself even though your car was starting to overheat?

Yoga Stops You From Being Self-Critical or Comparing Yourself to Others


Yoga will most certainly help you to feel more confident than you have ever been. There’s definitely a rising set of confidence as you progress but does it stop you comparing yourself to others? Well, no. When someone in your class manages to bend and twist into the most extreme postures, can you help but glare at your own body accusingly wondering why yours doesn’t bend and yield in that way?  

Some people look like they have been practicing yoga all their lives. Their bodies are flexible, slim, toned, and pliant. Sure, they are everything you are striving for, but hey, remember it’s non-competitive. Your journey in yoga is yours alone. It may take you longer to reach your goals than someone else. Perhaps they are blessed with the body you would have loved but you must learn to love and appreciate yourself for who you are. Know that everyone fights this type of inner battle. Even those who you think are perfect. There are aspects of self that they will not like and they may even be looking at you as you perform that perfect sun salutation and thinking, “why not me?”


Yoga Turns You Into a Health Guru

No. Yoga will not suddenly turn you into a holistic guru who eats nothing more than fruit and vegetables and who shuns all things sweet and temptingly nice. What yoga does do is make you more instinctive about your body and your health generally.  So, you know that it’s about balance in life. There’s nothing wrong with having a sugary treat if you do so occasionally. You learn to recognize when you are hungry or if you are emotionally eating, but it doesn’t stop you yearning for unhealthy options sometimes.

In conclusion, yoga has its limits. It doesn’t turn us into super-human beings but it’s still the most amazing, life-changing health and well-being system available. When you practice yoga alongside meditation, you can cope with the pressures of life more readily. You are also able to count to ten before ranting at your work colleague or shouting out a rude word when stuck in a traffic jam. At the end of the day, we are only human. We strive to be better every day.

Remember: you are on the journey of yoga that provides you with the blueprint for life. How far you take it is up to you.