How To Practice Yoga For A Strengthened Immune System And A Healthier Life


Your immune system is important. If it does not function well, you are vulnerable to ill-health. From colds to flu and even life-threatening diseases. Fortunately, yoga can keep your body strong, flexible and fighting fit.

Yoga and immune systemNo one wants to be ill, and yet, we often live unhealthy lifestyles. From diet, to being overloaded with stress, and for many, insufficient exercise plays a role. However, by incorporating yoga into your life on a daily basis, you increase your health and wellness. Be ready to take on the world. 

Stress Management

When stress is ongoing, it weakens the immune system. Many are not aware of the damaging effects stress has but know that it ravages the body. The solution is simple and natural. Yoga helps off-set stress. A regular practice session helps to take you away from the daily stressors and on the mat, it is just you and the asanas.

Yoga quietens the mind which is so important when it comes to reducing stress and it lowers cortisol, helping to balance the endocrine system. In time, you develop an instinctive awareness between the mind and body.

Improved Health with Yoga

Try to practice each day even if for a short time. Yoga affects other areas of life in a positive way too. It aids a better approach to health and you naturally wish to eat more nutritious foods. It also lowers inflammation in the body and helps to prevent the tell-tale signs of aging. Imagine that, your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated.


If your sleep patterns are erratic at the best of times, yoga can help. Adopt an energizing sequence to help you shake off slumber first thing in the morning and then, a calming, restorative yoga practice to promote healing, inducing relaxation at night. This way, you develop a far better sleep pattern and your immune system naturally improves.  In other words, your body can heal.


Yoga promotes overall health and well-being. Your body increases in strength and flexibility, but it also helps to balance the digestive system, cardiovascular system and improves your respiratory system too. Try out some simple yoga sequences and within a short space of time, your body will thank you for it. Simply, it is maintenance for whole body health and, this includes the mind too.  

As your practice increases, you gain an intuitive approach to health. As your immune system improves, you will have more energy and a greater zest for life.