Spotlight on Yoga Gate Pose


Are you looking for a yoga pose that stretches the side of the body and increases your sense of gracefulness? Try yoga gate pose which provides a wonderful stretch to the sides of your body and is an excellent preparatory position for side-stretching postures.


Yoga Gate Pose Benefits

Yoga gate pose (Parighasana) is a rather elegant yoga pose. As you perform it, visualize the sides of the torso stretching from the hips to under the arms and feel the intensity of this stretch. As you practice, feel it incorporate the abdominal muscles, hamstrings, and spine. It opens up the shoulders and if you carry a lot of tension in the shoulder and neck area. This pose can really help to reduce this muscular tightness.

The stretch creates space for the abdominal organs. As you stretch the right arm over your head, both stomach and spleen are stretched further. The intercostal muscles are often a little tight, especially if you struggle to keep your posture strong. If these become tight, they limit your ability to breathe deeply and restricts rib-cage movement. In addition, as you practice, your breathing capacity increases.

Yoga gate pose is useful for anyone who suffers from respiratory health conditions, so if you have asthma, suffer from colds regularly, or have allergies, this pose can help. Pregnant? This is a useful posture to provide relief from discomfort caused by a growing baby.

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