Yoga for Pregnancy – Practicing in the First Trimester


So, you’ve just had the most wonderful news, you are pregnant, and your thoughts may turn to keeping mind and body fit and healthy. Yoga for pregnancy is one of the most amazing exercise systems and works with your body, nurturing you towards inner contentment, calmness and great flexibility.

yoga for pregnancy

Yoga for pregnancy

Many people want to know whether they can practice yoga in the first trimester and, it’s very much an individual decision but, the consensus is, yes. But, as with all exercises, it’s important to take care. If you already practice yoga, you can continue and if you are starting out, you can take a very gentle approach to your practice. Modifications are essential along the way. It’s important to work within your own levels of health and flexibility, that’s the first consideration but, you must also, consider the changes of pregnancy of which there are many. In the first trimester, a considerable transformation is taking place.

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