Yoga On The Fly May Have Just Brilliantly Solved All Your Yoga and Travel Problems…


Ever gotten stuck on a layover and wished you could pop into a Yoga class during that idle time? Now you can. Yoga on the Fly is a new company offering online guided yoga classes to travelers in airports all over.

Yoga On The Fly

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Yoga On the Fly is a new company set to launch at the Denver airport this year. The program hopes to bring online guided yoga classes to travelers in airports all over in the future. 

The company’s website states, “Yoga on the Fly® is your ticket to traveling well.™ We provide wireless headsets, yoga mats and iPads with easy to follow instructional videos in private mini-studios. Our simple and efficient system alleviates stress, promotes health and increases wellbeing, using yoga and meditation practices targeted to the modern traveler.”

The company says 67% of travelers promote stress, and we believe it. Delayed flights, crowded terminals, and cramped seats can make for the worst experience. Adding in a bit of Yoga practice can make a world of difference.

By tuning into your mind-body connection while traveling, you can save yourself a big headache. Sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain. Plus, traveling tends to produce fatigue. You’ll be able to arrive at your destination feeling much more refreshed if you practice Yoga during your connection, or even before your flight.

Airport Amenities

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Many airports have recently renovated, and are upping the number of amenities they offer. As more and more people fly, customers are expecting great treatment on travel days. Travelers often see nail salons, shops, food stands, and even massage stations in terminals. Now they can add Yoga to their list of options. Yoga on the Fly will provide mats, headsets, and Ipads to those who wish to participate.

You’ll rent the equipment, and be able to use it for the duration of the connection. It’s unclear whether the company expects travelers to practice in the terminal, or if a private studio will be provided. However, many airports are now implementing yoga studios- realizing the growing demand.

Will you try Yoga On The Fly? We’d certainly love to be able to stretch on our next travel day.