The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide To Joining Your First Yoga Class


You may have practiced yoga from the comfort of your own home or maybe you’re a complete beginner. Either way, joining your first yoga class offers many benefits. It’s good to know what to expect and how you can gain the most from the experience. Here’s your starting point.

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Choosing Your Yoga Class

There are so many different styles of yoga available now that we’re spoiled with choice. There will usually be Hatha or Iyengar yoga classes locally. You may also find gimmicky-style classes springing up such as goat yoga or beer yoga. There are no right or wrong classes, it depends on personal choice. As such, do a little research or go along and visit classes offering different yoga styles and you can see which are of interest. 

What to Wear 

When you have decided on your class, you’ll need to wear something comfortable. Wear a tight-fitting top. Do this because inversions will make a loose top tumble over your head. You may find this a little embarrassing depending on what you are wearing underneath. There is often the temptation to wear something long and loose to cover up any wobbly bits at first. Don’t and just take the plunge and be comfortable.

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Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is a necessity when practicing yoga. Initially, you may not wish to pay for a mat in case you decide not to continue. With this in mind, it’s worth calling ahead and asking if the teacher or gym have spare mats. Blocks and straps are usually available at the class, but it won’t hurt to purchase your own as you are likely to use them a lot. They help you to gain perfect alignment even if you are not that flexible.

Arrive Early

When you are new to the class, it’s worth getting there a little early. This enables you to have a chat with the teacher and to discuss any needs. If you have any injuries or other physical concerns, tell your teacher at the start. They would much rather know so they can adapt postures to suit your needs.

Choose a space which makes it easier for you to observe and emulate the moves. Don’t be despondent if some of the postures are too advanced, you are there to learn and grow after all. Most of all, just enjoy the whole session and know that it will make you feel great.