These Advanced Yoga Poses For Balance Will Improve Every Aspect Of Your Well-Being


There are yoga asanas that improve every aspect of physical, mental and emotional well-being, but for many, balancing poses can cause frustration and even fear. Don’t become despondent, balance postures offer a wealth of benefits so are worth the effort.

Yoga asanasYoga Asanas for Balance

The lord of the dance pose stretches the shoulders and opens the chest. Strengthens the legs and ankles and stretches the abdomen and thighs. It is a graceful posture that improves balance. Suitable for all levels of practice.

The half-moon pose strengthens the legs, buttocks and the spine. Also, stretches the chest, calves, groin, decreases stress, improves digestive function, helps balance and also, coordination. Suitable for all levels of practice.

The tree pose strengthens the legs, ankles, and spine while stretching the chest and shoulders and the inner thighs. It also reduces sciatica and improves balance. Suitable for all levels of practice.

The Challenges

It is true that balance poses provide many challenges and as you add more postures into your daily practice session, there will be the temptation to try some out. But rather than becoming fearful of the posture, instead, take a positive approach to achieving it.

Yoga Asanas for Strengthening Muscles

On a physical basis, many yoga postures provide the potential to increase balance and strength and they also enable you to discover and align with your center of gravity. To succeed in these postures, you must learn how to ground yourself, how to root down within the posture, drilling into the mat. When the posture is correct, you strengthen the relevant muscles.

Benefits for the Mind

When practicing balance postures, your focus has to be true.  You must let go of external distractions, to remain fixed in one spot, steady, and determined.

Yoga asanasBecome Grounded

To make your balance posture work, you must comprehend the intricacies of the pose. Within these yoga asanas, what are the benefits? What happens to your body while in this pose? You must also consider that central point while paying attention to your posture and the demands of the asana. Become rooted in the pose, unmovable, locked into that state of mind and body.

Move Slowly but Surely

Feel confident with each attempt and smile as you progress. Let go of frustration. Remember, strive for improvements but gain pleasure from each posture. It can take time to reach your goals. Start small, feel the mat beneath your feet, fix your gaze, move slowly but surely.

Focus on the Breath

It’s easy to forget about the breath when you move into a difficult posture. Center yourself. First of all, inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Let all issues and external distractions fade away. Focus just on the breath and then let your breathing become rhythmic. When ready, proceed but let the breath be replenished as you do so. In time, the body-mind connection will be in place and your balance will greatly improve.