Improve Your Flexibility Using The Wide-Legged Forward Bend Yoga Pose


It’s all too easy to lose the flexibility of the spine through sitting or standing for long periods. Posture can be impacted too. However, the wide-legged forward bend yoga pose helps you extend through a wide range of motion. You stretch out tight hamstrings developing an awareness of your lower back.

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Wide-Legged Forward Bend Yoga Pose (Prasarita Padottanasana)

When you enter this pose, the aim is to bend from your hips and not through the back. It’s a common mistake to round the spine. But to do this yoga pose justice and to avoid injury, you need to stabilize the legs. In addition, always bend from the hips. You may need to adapt this pose if your hamstrings are tight. 

Bend your knees just slightly if you need to but it really doesn’t matter if you cannot reach your head to the floor. It’s more important to gain correct alignment and so folding forward is far better than rounding the back, as this is where strain occurs.

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