4 Little Known Benefits That Every Athlete Achieves Through Yoga


Drop and give me zen. To all of you athletes out there, yoga is the key to optimum performance and injury prevention. Read on to discover why this practice is essential to your workout plan.



A lack of flexibility allows tissue to break down and muscles to tighten. This leads to devastating injuries that keep you from doing what you love. Luckily, yoga encourages stretching to prevent injury.


The yoga flow increases circulation in the body to relieve soreness from your toughest workouts. Yoga has a lengthening effect and as the muscles elongate, you may counteract the shortening effects of your sport. This allows you to achieve greater mobility overall.


Yoga strengthens muscle groups that most other workouts can’t reach. By stabilizing these muscles, athletes may protect the joints and avoid common injuries. Most yoga poses develop core strength as well. This supports the back and encourages proper balance.

Mental Stamina

They say that 90% of performance is mental. Yoga is the perfect way to develop mental stamina by quieting the mind and its limiting beliefs. With the mind no longer working against you, you will become your very best athlete.