THE Yoga Pose That Can Get You Confidence, Even If You’ve Already Lost Yours


Confidence should be a natural part of who you are. It comes from acceptance of self and from a deep inner belief. But, all too often, confidence can be stripped away. Fortunately, one yoga pose can promote self-confidence like no other.

yoga poseHow Low Confidence Occurs

Low confidence levels can impact every aspect of life. Seriously, it can infiltrate the work-place, affect personal relationships and even affect social activities. It can create concerns about your abilities, making you withdraw from the limelight. You may even lose out on opportunities worrying about not being up to the task. Although confidence can naturally increase or decrease, it is best to maintain a consistent level. This can be achieved in part by using Warrior yoga pose, as it is so dynamic in nature.

Warrior 1 Yoga Pose (Virabhadrasana I)

Warrior pose brings strength, confidence, courage and, increases focus. It is an absolute powerhouse of a pose and also, increases flexibility in the hips. In addition, it tones the legs, ankles, and feet. Regular practice builds core strength. It also works on the gluteus muscles and quadriceps. It increases awareness of the body and once you are in the posture fully, you can unite mind and body. Simply, relax into the posture.

Warrior pose is in two stages. Warrior 1 helps you to develop courage. It is a strong pose, the stance itself is powerful with one leg and your hips forward facing and one leg back to ground the posture. Within the pose, you lift and open the chest.

yoga poseWarrior 11 Yoga Pose (Virabhadrasana I1)

One a physical level, warrior 11 works the core muscles, hips, the gluteus muscles, and the shoulders and arms. It also helps endurance but does consider alignment. Therefore, when done correctly, it allows for any internal tensions to dissipate. It takes work within the pose before you can gain all the benefits and immerse yourself fully. It is only then that stability increases. In addition, the benefits extend beyond the physical to the emotional and mental state and enable you to turn your attention inwards. You must consider how to let go of tension while increasing strength.

Many people find great peace within this yoga pose but others, find the extended version difficult. Stay within the pose, work with it. The benefits are amazing. This pose must be utilized frequently for maximum benefits.


If you have high blood pressure or heart problems, avoid or reduce the time spent in this pose, similarly, for those with shoulder or neck problems, reduce the physicalities of the stretch so to avoid injury. This can be a useful pose for sciatic conditions.