Get Ready to Bend and Stretch with The Ultimate Introduction to Yoga


If you’re looking to make some healthy lifestyle changes, yoga could be just the thing. It shapes the body, improves flexibility and creates an intrinsic link between the mind, body and spirit. Interested? Here’s your ultimate introduction to all things yoga.


What is yoga?

If you are new to yoga, you may have an image of yoga being just an exercise system and in fairness, most people are drawn to the physical benefits initially. There are many postures and they are gentle and work with your body rather than placing it under strain. The health benefits are very quickly gained. With regular practice, at least two-three times a week, you start to move more freely as tension dissipates. There is a greater flexibility in the body and you’ll feel less swayed by the stresses of the day.

Yoga works the mind too, increasing clarity and focus and it affords resilience against the pressures on a daily basis. Life slows down when you practice yoga. It becomes easier. Time on the mat is very precious and it provides an ideal way to switch off from the real world. By stretching out, an intrinsic connection is created with mind and body.  

Yoga is non-competitive. You work at your own pace. You study and learn how to work on those areas that need it the most as well as practicing generic postures for overall health. If you are thinking about joining a yoga class, don’t worry about what other people are able to do.  They may be naturally supple or, have been practicing yoga for some time. You will start to improve your fitness and flexibility in a very short time too. It is far more important to just focus on your own progression.

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