Answered: Why Hot Yoga Is MOST Popular During The Holidays


Hot yoga can be quite intimidating to a first timer. The idea of sweating even more during your work out might not be the most appealing idea in the world. However, this is why you should consider hot yoga this holiday season.

Reasons To Practice Hot Yoga

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Hot yoga, formally called Bikram, consists of a certain order of poses performed for 90 minutes in a heated room. Traditional Bikram classes are heated to 105 degrees. However, some studios offer slightly cooler classes, perhaps heated to 95 or 98 degrees. Just ask the studio what their specific temperature is and what types of classes they offer.

Many believe that hot yoga allows the body to detox. You’ll certainly sweat quite a bit, and with that, you’ll be flushing toxins from your body. It’s great for the skin, and body as a whole.

Hot yoga teachers also believe that the extra heat helps participants go deeper into postures. Warm muscles are flexible muscles and the heat will help you stretch a bit further in each posture. 

This holiday season you’ll probably be experiencing quite a bit of stress and overindulgence. The holidays are a wonderful time filled with parties family and friends. However, that also means lots of drinking, eating, and quarreling. Combat the festive toxins with hot yoga. It’s a great time to try something new and replenish. 

What To Know Your First Time

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Even if you’re a long time yogi, attending your first hot yoga class can be intimidating. There are a few things you should know to prepare.

First, make sure to arrive fully hydrated. This starts as early as the day before and throughout the hours leading up to the class. The last thing you want to do is arrive at hot yoga already dehydrated. The heat definitely causes you to lose fluids quicker than ever. Bring an extra water bottle, and be prepared to need more as the day goes on.

Second, you’ll want to dress a little less than normal. You’re going to be dripping with sweat by the end of the class and extra clothing will not be your friend. Of course, dress to your own modesty and comfort level but be prepared to see fellow classmates in bikinis bras and short shorts. 

Finally, be ready to enjoy a completely new and challenging form of yoga. Hot yoga is a new way to find a deeper mind-body connection, and push your body to new limits. Try it out this holiday season, and tell us how it goes.