Why Runners Need To Practice Yoga To Stay Flexible


Seasoned runners often feel that they are conditioned to run and exercise their muscles accordingly, but repetitive movements condition the body reducing flexibility in other areas. This is why yoga is important. If you run but feel that a lack of flexibility is a barrier to starting yoga, think again.


Yoga Benefits

Even if you are fairly fit, it can still be a little off-putting to walk into a gym and see toned and muscled bodies everywhere. The same would be for a yoga class, where everyone seems to be able to stretch into the most extreme positions. The truth is, we all need to start somewhere and there will always be beginner’s classes that cover that starting point in yoga.


Yoga is suitable for any body type. The average runner can gain a lot from taking part in yoga classes. Yoga does not have an age limit, so there’s no restriction on body size and shape. The only thing that matters is that you are willing to give it a go. The benefits are far reaching even for those at the highest level of their sporting achievements. Even if you have been running for many years, you can still gain a great deal from yoga.  

The Repetitiveness of Running

Running is a repetitive sport, and as a result, it’s easy for injuries to occur.  Yoga adds balance, tones muscles, and increases flexibility, which makes it the perfect tool for runners. More flexibility often means less potential for injury. Most runners overlook the major benefits of strengthening muscles and developing the core area. It is certainly crucial to successful distance running.

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