THIS Healing Process Will Help You Eliminate ALL Distractions


Time on the yoga mat belongs solely to you. It’s a place where you can forget about the distractions of the day including fatigue, never-ending financial demands, and increased workload. Instead, shake it all off and start the healing process. 

Yoga matWhen you are serious about your yoga practice and you dedicate time to practice regularly, you look forward to this time and instinctively, let go of daily demands. The yoga mat is the connecting item between the real world and your way of escaping, therefore, it gives you the perfect opportunity to nourish mind, body, and spirit.

Island Oasis

Think of the yoga mat as your island oasis away from anything that troubles you. What exists outside of the mat, does not interfere with your yoga session. The moment your bare feet connect with the texture of the mat, you feel an inner peace wash over you. You are connected, grounded in this moment. Nothing else matters. Instead, develop tunnel vision and increase your concentration.

Engage Your Breath

When you feel stressed out from the day, use the breath to harmonize your body. Breathing techniques afford greater clarity of mind and the breath fills your being with inner contentment. It is a time of being truly alive.

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Feel Your Body

Don’t worry about the next day or, about rising workloads, yoga has the key to unlock stresses and strains, to clear the mind and to instill joy. Fatigue dissipates, and you start to feel energized. You are doing something great for your body.

With every forward bend, relax your upper body so that every bit of tension drains from you. Watch your spine, bend from the hips, but loosen the arms and feel your vertebrae slotting into place. With every backward bend, feel your chest expanding and breathe in more life-giving oxygen, revitalizing yourself.

Feel Every Movement While On the Yoga Mat

Practice sequences that compliment each other so your yoga session can become fluid. Do not just move into the postures, become the posture, live and breathe each asana and let that movement become instinctive. When you do this, you let go of all distractions and you remain in the moment, while all cares and worries drift away.