This Astonishing Fact Could Mean 31 Million People Turning To Yoga For…


Are you one of the 31 million Americans who experiences lower back pain? Perhaps you’ve considered physical therapy. However, a new study suggests all you might need is a trip to a Yoga studio.

Yoga To Treat Back Pain

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Millions of Americans will experience back pain this year. The chronic condition can be slightly annoying, or even wholly debilitating. Many Americans are at a loss as to how to treat it. They consider serious and risky surgeries. They buy special insoles for their shows. Some replace their mattresses or perhaps try to get a prescription for physical therapy.

However, a recent study suggests that Yoga might be just as helpful for those suffering from back pain. The randomized trial was performed at the Annals of Internal Medicine. Groups of adults ages 18-64 were prescribed either 12 weeks of Yoga classes, 15 weeks of physical therapy, or education with books and newsletters about back pain. All of the participants had reported chronic pain with at least moderate severity. The findings were a bit shocking.

People in both the physical therapy and Yoga saw a 50 percent reduction in symptoms and pain. As a bonus, nearly half of them decreased their pain medication use. These findings suggest that a trip to a Yoga class can be just as helpful as Physical therapy when it comes to chronic back pain.

The Good News

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This is great news for patients and Yoga studios alike. Obtaining a physical therapy prescription, and squeezing yourself into an appointment can be tough. Finding a yoga class to go to somewhat regularly is much easier for a back pain suffered. Plus, for many people, this is a much more cost-effective option.

There are many discount Class-Pass type programs that can help you get into popular Yoga classes inexpensively. You could even try at home Yoga- but be wary and ask a Doctor’s opinion first.

All in all the study found that Yoga is “noninferior” to physical therapy when it comes to back pain. We aren’t suggesting that you write off a Doctor or physical therapist’s opinion altogether. However, we do think there is some merit to trying out Yoga first.