[The Eagle Pose] How To Improve Your Inner Harmony


The eagle pose is fun. It also offers a great many benefits to the mind, body, and spirit. It works on your concentration, focus, and improves your balance too. You may find it a little difficult at first but the benefits are well worth the effort.

Eagle pose

The Eagle Pose Boosts the Immune System

The eagle pose provides a boost for your immune system and it does this by improving circulation throughout the body. Many people have poor circulation due to sedentary jobs and stress impacts the body, making it tense. This restricts immune system health. 

The Eagle Pose Provides Strength and Flexibility

As well as being a fun and challenging pose, the eagle yoga pose will increase your potential for strength, flexibility, and balance. It helps you to let go of stress and free the mind, body, and spirit.

The Eagle Pose and Balance

The position of the hands makes it difficult to lock your gaze on a specific point and so balance can suddenly be a lot more difficult. To maintain balance, cross and squeeze your arms and legs together. When we think of yoga balancing postures, we often tend to think just of the physical aspects but an inability to balance can be due to an imbalance in life in general.

Working too hard, having too little time at home, and juggling those daily chores can all make a big difference to feeling peaceful and balanced in life. In addition, sometimes there are mental blocks when it comes to balancing postures. Balancing in the eagle pose is well worth the effort because it provides equilibrium of the masculine and feminine energies within.

eagle pose

The Eagle Pose and the Chakras

If you have worked on the chakras, you will know the importance of creating free-flowing energy throughout the body. Plus, each chakra is open and balanced. Eagle pose opens the root chakra, which provides a great foundation in life. It is depicted as roots within mother earth. In yoga, the eagle pose connects to standing poses which engage the third eye chakra. This is connected to intuition, inner trust, and decision making. The third eye locks onto a focal point and improves balance. 

Think of yoga eagle pose as providing a way to gain greater equilibrium and to refresh your whole outlook. It encourages good health and well-being plus, gives sexual desire a boost too. Achieve the posture and become rooted in it, and as a result, you gain a great sense of accomplishment.